Attract and Retain Top Talent for your Business
Learn how to find and hire your perfect candidate for every position. It doesn't need to be this hard.
Imagine spending less time and money finding bad candidates
Think of how much more time you'd have to spend on growing your business 

Perhaps you'd finally have the help you needed to grow your business, have the time to focus on more pressing issues, or even cut down on your never-ending workdays .

There's only one problem.

Finding the perfect candidate

After all, don't you need to spend weeks searching and screening candidates to do that?

Well, sure, if you have the time to put your business on pause.

That kinda sets you back on all the hard work you've already put in.

Fortunately, there's better way.

With the Strategic Staffing e-course, you can learn proven strategies for finding candidates, screening to save time, and interviewing to find your perfect new hire.

With our time tested course, you'll get:

  • my approach to searching for candidates that finds only compatible candidates
  • processes that save you valuable time and money screening candidates
  • strategies for interviewing on the phone and on-site that show who your candidates really are
  • tools that will help them fit in and perform as soon as your new hire comes on board

It's like having an HR veteran on your team: Minus the $70,000 payroll.

You could ignore this offer and continue...

... wasting your valuable time interviewing the wrong candidates

... dealing with the costly damage of having a bad hire come on board

... worrying your competitors are taking all the best talent

... wondering how you will ever pass some of your workload along

... settling for just imagining having more time and cutting down on your long workdays

Or, for just $147, you could use the Strategic Staffing and get...

  • strategies for cutting down your hiring costs
  • methods to speed up the hiring and onboarding process
  • ways to prevent the scary bad hire from ever happening
  • plan to never let good candidates go out the door
  • The time and human capital that could just turn your dreams of help with growth, time for bigger problems, and cutting down on your long workdays into a reality.


If you're ready to spend less time searching, screening, and interviewing bad candidates, you'll want to take advantage of our special $147 one-time offer now.

Strategic Staffing
This $147 E-Course will teach you...
Learn to get over the time barrier of sourcing, screening, and hiring candidates by creating a process that keeps your pipeline full with quality candidates.
How to compete in dense labour markets and against larger firms to secure the best talent possible
Learn the strategies needed to hire quality candidates over the phone or on-site through powerful interviews
Get insight into the secret strategies that allow you screen potential candidates as efficient as possible without sacrificing any quality 
Learn my approach to finding the right candidate all from writing your job description to interviewing candidates
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